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50 mile race rules

50 mile relay rules

The following will give you a general idea about the run. It’s really just like any other ultra race. STORMY race management wants to ensure that you have the best race experience possible.  Please familiarize yourself with the race rules and check back here for updates.

Trail Marking and Course Knowledge: Trail marking will consist of bright colored surveyor tape tied to branches, caution tape and signs. Triple ribbons are placed at turns on the side of the turn. Always look down a trail you are turning onto. You will be able to see the next ribbon. The Race Director does her best to provide an adequately marked trail but runners should familiarize themselves with the trails and turns. On occasion persons not associated with the event have been known to remove markers. You are ultimately responsible to follow the correct course. Participants are asked to make a reasonable effort to run as much of the trail as possible prior to race day.

Weather: Race day has almost been rain-free for the past 9 years, but this will change at some point. Please check the forecast and plan your clothing and support supplies accordingly.

Volunteers: There will be numerous volunteers on the course throughout the 12 hour event. Many will spend more hours on the course than runners. Please be polite and thank them. They will do their very best to ensure that you have a fun and successful day. Disobeying a volunteer’s instruction may be grounds for disqualification from this race and future STORMY events.

Risk Management
You, and you only, know whether or not you should be participating. Runners should be aware of the risks associated with the run and prepare accordingly. Risks include renal shutdown, heat stroke, injuries from falling, vehicle hazards, overuse injuries, fatigue and getting lost. The inaccessibility of the course in certain areas will make it very difficult for medical assistance to reach a runner immediately. Local police and Search & Rescue have been notified of our event.

Aid-Station Food and Supplies: Although there are eleven well-stocked aid stations, it is highly recommended that you carry a minimum of one water bottle, preferably two, at all times. Temperatures can vary and the day may be very warm. Electrolyte replacement is extremely important. Be aware you may not find exactly what you want at the aid stations. Please equip your drop bags accordingly. We will do our best to supply a variety of items that may include fruit, candy, gels, chips, pretzels, soda, etc. Each aid station will have a small supply of Band-Aids and Vaseline.

Gold Race Sponsor Nesters  Market is open 8am-9pm on Friday and Saturday and 9am-9pm on Sunday. There are some great restaurants in Squamish and Tim Horton’s is open 24 hours.

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