WHERE WOULD BE THE BEST PLACE TO FLY INTO? The nearest major airport is Vancouver International Airport(YVR).

WHERE DO I PARK? Parking is available at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre.  Please park and follow the signs to the start/finish area.  There is absolutely no parking on Loggers Lane.

DO YOU RECOMMEND ANY PLACES TO STAY? The lodging nearest to the start/finish is the Mountain Retreat Hotel (www.mountainretreathotel.bc-accommodations.com). Camping in Squamish is another option. Alice Lake Provincial Park is approximately 5km North of the STORMY start/finish area.

IS THERE ANY PLACE WHERE I COULD SLEEP IN MY VEHICLE FOR A FEW HOURS BEFORE THE RACE? Overnight parking is not allowed at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre.  The Squamish Police do regular checks of the parking lot and will ask you to move.

IF WE LEAVE BAGS AT THE START OF THE RACE, WHERE DO WE PICK THEM UP AT THE END OF THE DAY? After the start of the race, one of our volunteers will deliver drop bags from the start line to the Powerhouse Aid Station. Runners should bring their drop bag to the start. Label each bag with the runner’s name and race number. Drop bags are returned to the finish line by 6pm when the Powerhouse Aid Station is shutdown.  We will try to get drop bags back to the start/finish area throughout the day, however, if you finish quickly or we have few volunteers, it may take an hour or two for us to get your bag back to you.

WILL THE DROP BAGS BE PROTECTED ONCE DROPPED? Barring a medical emergency that calls our volunteer(s) away from an end of the course, we plan to have someone watching the drop bags for the duration of the race. In the event of a rainstorm, volunteers will do their best to keep them dry.


The Weather Network

Average rainfall for August: 30mm/1.2″

Average temperature: 17.8°C/64°F

Average high: 23.9°C/74.8°F

Average low: 11.8°C/53.2°F

Altitude 52.11 m/171 ft

ARE THERE WASHROOM FACILITIES ALONG THE COURSE? There are full washroom facilities near the start/finish at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre. There are washrooms at Alice Lake Provincial Park and port-a-potties at the Powerhouse Aid Station.  For any unplanned stops along the course, please make sure you’re well off the trail and that you use proper wilderness techniques to cover any mess.

CAN I USE HIKING POLES ON THE COURSE? Hiking poles are not permitted.

WHAT ARE THE CUT-OFF TIMES? Please see the Aid Station pages for exact time cut-offs for the ultras. The cut-offs for the Team Relay will follow the same cut-offs as the 50 Mile race.

WILL THERE BE WILDLIFE ON THE COURSE? Bears, cougars and other potentially hazardous forms of wildlife live on the course and have surprised runners in the past. Keep alert and be careful where you place your feet and hands. Please stay on the trail at all times in order not to disturb wasp and bees nests. With so many people on the trails, it is unlikely that you will encounter a bear or cougar, but please be prepared if you do.  Knowing what to do if you encounter a bear or cougar is important. Some encounters may be more dangerous than others, so it’s important to recognize the signs, and know what you can do to protect yourself.

WILL I NEED TO CHECK-IN ON RACE MORNING? Yes.  Pre-race check-in is mandatory so that we know who is on the trail. There is a quick briefing at 5:40am Sunday August 7 for 50 milers and Relay Runner #1 to discuss last minute topics.


  1. Short-cutting of course.
  2. Missing a checkpoint.
  3. Getting in a moving vehicle.
  4. Failing to remain at a checkpoint for medical evaluation on request of checkpoint personnel
  5. Impeding another runner.


  1. Running as a bandit
  2. Pacing or crewing for a bandit runner
  3. Having crews take cars to areas designated as off-limits
  4. Disobeying BC Parks rules regarding disposal of human waste, dogs off-leash, unpayment of parking fees or mistreatment of the environment
  5. Littering
  6. Failing to respect private property
  7. Mistreating Aid Station personnel, runners, pacers, or crew

Runners are expected to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. The race committee reserves the right to impose sanctions for behavior not specifically mentioned here.

Official protests must be made directly to the Race Director.

WILL YOU SERVE AN ELECTROLYTE DRINK AT YOUR AID STATIONS? Yes, the electrolyte replacement drink for all races is TBD – with some stations serving ___ flavor and some serving ____. Additionally, most full aid stations will have Pepsi & Seven-Up. Please note that due to logistics, one station will only have water (#8) – this is listed clearly on the race map and no volunteers or medical staff will be present at this station.

DO I NEED TO CARRY A WATER BOTTLE? Yes, every runner, and pacer, must carry a water bottle or hydration bladder for the entire event. While the aid stations are relatively close distance wise, the steep and/or rolling terrain adds a lot of time to everyone’s per mile pace. You will be able to fill your bottle or hydration bladder at each station, if you choose.

WHAT FOOD WILL BE AT THE AID STATIONS? Not every station will stock all of the following, but you can expect to see some of the following at each: nuts, chips, fruit (oranges, apples, bananas), pretzels, hard candy, candy bars, crackers, fig newtons, boiled potatoes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, … and later in the day some stations will have, chicken broth, soup, hot chocolate, tea, hot water and coffee. Aid station food is provided by Nesters Market Squamish.  Nesters Market hours of Operation are: Mon-Sat: 8am-9pm; Sun: 9am-9pm.

ARE DOGS ALLOWED? We love dogs, but unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the race course.  If you have a dog at the start/finish line or at an aid station it must be on leash and under control at all times.  Please be prepared to clean up after your pet.  Due to the problems we have had with dogs at the Alice Lake AS and the Edith Lake AS, dogs are not allowed in these areas.  BC Parks has strict rules governing dogs on leashes and we risk losing permission to use this area, if rules are not followed.

WHAT ARE THE CUT-OFF TIMES? Please see the Aid Station pages for exact time cut-offs for the ultras. The cut-offs for the Team Relay will follow the same cut-offs as the 50 Mile race.

CAN I GET A REFUND OR TRANSFER MY ENTRY TO ANOTHER EVENT? Yes, you may transfer your entry to another STORMY event, however the Race Director must be notified 24 hours prior to the race.  Costs of running this event are considerable and facility and supply payments are made months in advance therefore there will be no entry fee refunds if you are forced to withdraw from the event prior to or on race day, however a portion of your race fee can be rolled-over to the next year.

CAN I RUN THE FIRST LEG OF THE RELAY AND THEN CONTINUE ON AND COMPLETE THE 50 MILER? Absolutely not.  This is considered banditing and will disqualify your relay team as well as deny you future entry to STORMY.  We plan our AS supplies for the number of registrants.  This will not only muck-up our results and but it may have us think that all people are through an AS when there  is actually one more person on the course.

IS THERE A PRE-RACE GET TOGETHER, SUCH AS A PASTA DINNER? Historically there has not been a pre-race dinner and we are not planning one for this year either.

CAN I BUY EXTRA PICNIC TICKETS Extra picnic tickets are available until August 1.  There are no extra tickets available on race-day.  Additional picnic tickets can be purchased for $12.00 each.

CAN I REGISTER ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT? There is no registration on race morning.  Last day to register is Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 11:59pm.

WILL THERE BE SHUTTLE FOR RELAY TEAMS TO EXCHANGE POINTS? No, relay teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from exchange points. Please plan accordingly.

ARE THE TRAILS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC DURING THE RACE? Yes, the trails are open, so please be prepared to share the course with hikers, runners, mountain bikers, dirt-bike riders and dogs.

HOW DOES THE RACE KNOW WHERE I AM? We don’t.  We only know your location when you are at a checkpoint/AS. We do have a bicycle sweep who will follow the last runner.  The bike sweep will check in at each AS and confirm that every runner has passed through before allowing the AS to close down.

HOW WILL I  KNOW WHERE THE TRAIL IS? The trail is marked with black and pink surveyor’s tape.   In addition, a piece of reflective tape is applied to STORMY directional signs for night travel.  A sample will be available at the pre-race meeting.  Pay attention only to STORMY markers!  If you travel 15 minutes without seeing a STORMY marker, you should turn around and return to the last one you passed.  We don’t say you can’t get lost.  There is always the chance.

I AM UNDER 19 YEARS OF AGE, CAN I PARTICIPATE IN STORMY? STORMY is a very physically challenging event and participation in it presents numerous medical risks, many of which can be extremely serious or fatal. If you are under 19 years of age on race day, you may participate in the relay; however if you are running more than 42km or participating in the 50 miler, Race Management must receive  written consent from both parents at registration.  If you are signing up for the 100 mile event, Race Management must received notarized consent from both parents at registration.

Are Race Board members paid, or do they make a profit?
No.  All race expenses are paid out of entry fees.    STORMY is organized by a very small working Board of volunteers.  No Board member profits financially in any way from the race.  We try to get as many sponsors as possible, but it is not always easy.  Race proceeds go to support local community groups.


There are quite a few jobs needed to manage this race effectively. If you’d like to help, please let us know. We’d love to have your help. Please sign-up to volunteer via our vollie sign-up form.


The course will be marked the Friday before the race.  There may be STORMY markers prior to race day and if there are there will be very few.  There are many events on the Squamish trails prior to STORMY and we want to minimize our impact on these events as as well not create an eye-sore for visitors to the area.

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