STORMY 2009 Highlights

  • Lots of wonderful vollies
  • Perfect weather conditions
  • 75% Finisher rate in the 100 miler
  • 89% Finisher rate in the 50 miler
  • Many runners starting and finishing their first 50 miler , first 100 miler, or first trail race.
  • Ellie Greenwood smashing the previous 50 miler record by almost an hour.
  • Lots of great draw prizes provided by our wonderful and generous race sponsors.


A great big thank you to our fabulous volunteers.  An event like this could never happen without your support.  There have been lots of emails thanking you for your contribution to STORMY 2009.  Your help on race day was greatly appreciated by many STORMY runners.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my requests for last minute vollies.  I had a number of runners who volunteered and/or recruited their race crew, family members and friends to help.


Thanks to our sponsors for their continued support of the STORMY Trail Race.  Please help to show our gratitude by shopping at their stores and supporting their brands.

  • Running Room
  • Nesters Market
  • bilt design
  • Canadian Tire
  • Nathan
  • DesignR
  • Bean Around the World Brackendale
  • Smartshield
  • Club Fat Ass
  • Trail Runner Magazine
  • Carboom
  • McDonalds
  • Yaktrax

Thank you to the Squamish Emergency Program Society for keeping us safe on race day.

Thanks to the landowners and governing bodies who allow STORMY to run on through. Please help keep their properties beautiful.

Thanks to SORCA and all the vollies who build and maintain the incredible network of trails in Squamish.