Hello Runners,
Due to permitting challenges that have arisen Stormy will unfortunately be postponed until 2012. Without a permit, insurance for the event cannot be obtained and time is running too low for that to happen. I do not want to keep putting it off hoping for a miracle and have everyones racing plans set on the race.

I understand there will be some disappointed folks out there and please feel free to contact me at rynemelcher@gmail.com should you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

STORMY 50 Miler & 50 Miler Relay

Hello Trail Runners!

Hope you had a safe and fun filled holiday season.  Thanks for your patience in waiting for changes to the Stormy site for 2011.  There are a few changes to announce.

First, Wendy Montgomery has stepped aside after 6 years as the Race Director.  Wendy will still play a pivotal role in coordinating this year’s event to ensure everything runs as smooth as it has for the last decade.  Being a Race Director is not an easy task and requires many volunteer hours,  and missed runs to ensure events are available and successful for runners.  Please give her a huge thanks next time you see her or even better, buy her a beer!

I will be taking over the reigns as the RD for 2011.  It’s been a few years since I’ve put on a race and was plotting some events to start of my own when I came across Wendy on the Baden-Powell and the topic of her searching for a replacement came up.  I ran versions two and three of Stormy back in 2002 and 2003 when I lived in Ontario and loved the race from the moment I set foot on the course.  With all the connections Wendy has made with sponsors and volunteers my life will really be relatively easy stepping into this role.

The second change is the 100 mile will no longer take place.  In part due to numbers, and mostly in part to the strain and time put on volunteers who selflessly sacrifice their weekend, family, and life to make this event happen.  The 50 miler (and 42 miler before it) have a long history of success so the focus will be placed on that distance which should make that experience even more enhanced.  The relay will still also take place in conjunction with the 50 miler as it always has.

Lastly, huge thanks to the creators and grandfathers of Stormy, Paul Cubbon, Rich Rawling, Roger Shirt, Enzo Federico and Ean Jackson.  Without them and the time they put in over this past decade this event would not exist.

Online entry is up and running on Ultra Signup at: http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=12068

Please note the entry fee will bill you in USD.  It works much smoother for the good folks that run the site and with the Canadian and American dollar at parity, it shouldn’t hopefully cause anyone too much heartache!

I’m excited for the 2011 version of the Stormy 50 Miler & Relay.  There are some great things in the works to make the event bigger and better and look forward to seeing you all on August 7th up in Squamish.

Happy trails!

Ryne Melcher

STORMY Overall Results 2010…

Overall Results – 100 Miler

STORMY 100 Results with Splits

Overall Results – 50 Miler

STORMY 50 Results with Splits

Overall Results – 50 Miler Team Relay

STORMY Relay Results with Splits

Join the STORMY tradition in the 11th anniversary edition of Squamish’s hilliest, gnarliest, most picturesque, trail running weekend. With events ranging from 10km to 50 miles we have something for everybody.  Come and experience BC running and ultrarunning at it’s best:

  • 50-mile solo trail ultramarathon – Start: 6 am, Sunday, August 7th, 2011
  • 50-mile team relay – Start: 6 am, Sunday, August 7th, 2011

  • There are no qualifying standards for the Stormy 50 miler.
  • The STORMY Start & Finish Line is located just south of the Brennan Park Recreation Centre (1009 Centennial Way, Squamish, BC CANADA).
  • STORMY proceeds are contributed towards local community service groups.
  • Do you have a question or comment? Please send us a note via our Contact Form.
  • STORMY needs lots of enthusiastic volunteers to ensure a successful race day experience.
  • Please sign-up here…Vollie Sign-up Form
  • Are you looking for a training partner, a ride on race morning or advice on running an ultra?  Visit our Participants Forum and post your question.
  • Post-race massages on-site/ by donation…Nature’s Way Mobile Massage

Looking for the next great event in Squamish, BC, go to the Squamish Events Guide at http://www.squamisheventsguide.com

  • 2010 Entrant List 100 Miler 100 Mile Entry List 50 Miler 50 Mile Entry List Team Relay 50 Mile Team Relay Entry List
  • Race Recap from Edward Sargisson This was not the first 50 mile I’d attempted and I had a monkey on my back about the distance. I’d attempted the 84km Molesworth Run in November last year just prior to moving to Canada and that run foundered in 30 degree heat and no shade ending with dehydration and bad blisters after 8 ...
  • Race Director’s Recap 2009 STORMY 2009 Highlights Lots of wonderful vollies Perfect weather conditions 75% Finisher rate in the 100 miler 89% Finisher rate in the 50 miler Many runners starting and finishing their first 50 miler , first 100 miler, or first trail race. Ellie Greenwood smashing the previous 50 miler record by almost an hour. Lots of great draw prizes provided by our wonderful ...

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